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Tapestry Mobile


This is the companion app for Tapestry, the EYFS Online Learning Journal. *** Please note that you need to have access to a current Tapestry subscription in order to use this app ***
If you are a parent, and are experiencing difficulties logging into the app, please speak to your school or nursery first. They can check your account is active, change your email address and reset your password.
The app enables secure viewing and uploading of observations to the Tapestry web service. Each observation or page can include notes, photographs and EYFS assessments, leuven scale, characteristics of learning and videos. Observations can be uploaded in one single process that makes a new entry immediately available or, optionally, hidden until the manager has approved them.
Tapestry Mobile automatically locks the app whenever you close it; but you'll be able to log back in quickly using a pin.
It does not provide full access to the features of Tapestry. To find out more about Tapestry please go to